Largest Technically Trained Sales Team

With four decades of ion exchange expertise and the only company to focus 100% of its resources on resin technologies, Purolite employs the largest technically trained sales team in ion exchange and specialty resin technology.

You can rely on our global team to handle your requirements and provide answers to provide optimized solutions for your application challenges.

Exceptional Services

Pilot Testing
Our mobile testing rigs can demonstrate that ion exchange resins can work for specific applications. Each pilot design is customized and driven by customer input. A Purolite representative will deliver, install and start-up each pilot. If requested, we can provide the operate the pilot and data collection. Once field pilots are completed, Purolite will give detailed reports containing data analysis and scale-up recommendations.

We provide a comprehensive, on-site evaluation performed by Purolite’s expert technical sales staff to help customers optimize their softening and demineralization systems. PuroPASS examines all aspects of the system, including the condition of the resins, service cycle performance, regeneration procedures, and more. Through this analysis, Purolite can identify inefficiencies, recommend improvements and analyze the economics of resin replacement.

Resin Analysis
Resin analysis is a critical tool for troubleshooting performance issues with your system and managing the life cycle of your ion exchange resin. A typical analysis includes a physical and chemical evaluation of the submitted sample. The results can provide vital information about the health of the resin in service as well as provide clues to what factors may have contributed to the current state of the resin. 

When samples are taken immediately following a regeneration cycle, Purolite evaluates the resin's conditions and assesses the effectiveness of the regeneration protocols in use. 

Resin Product Samples
Purolite offers free product samples for client testing. All product sample requests come through our global sales organization who has the expertise to help you select the best solutions to match your ion exchange resin needs.