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Purolite has served the oil and gas industry for over three decades and has established a track record of providing high-quality, tailored resin solutions for the industry’s key applications such as upstream exploratory and production applications like water treatment for fracking and drilling fluids, proppants for fracking or bitumen extraction.

Bitumen Recovery
Deposits of thick oil known as bitumen are found across the globe. Most often, the bitumen is mixed with water, silt, sand and clay. These deposits, known as oil sands, exist in Venezuela, the United States of America, Russia and are especially prevalent in Western Canada.

Bitumen recovery is done through either a mining or an in-situ drilling process. Mining operations are used more for shallow deposits, whereas drilling is utilized for deeper deposits.

After recovery, bitumen is refined and used in many different industries, such as transportation fuels and petrochemicals for textiles, plastics, cosmetics and other everyday items.

No matter the recovery process, bitumen must be heat treated to improve its flow properties. Purolite resins play an important role in producing quality steam, which is essential to oil recovery operations. Purolite can help reclaim bitumen through the following applications:

  • Sands mining extraction processing

  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)

  • Cyclic steam stimulation (CSS)

Each mining extraction and SAGD site requires steam that needs pure water to be fed to a large boiler system. The most common applications are demineralization, softening and organics removal.

Purolite Technology and Technical Support

Purolite provides outstanding technical support through the largest, most well-trained technical sales team. Our global network of warehouses and our tanker delivery service in North America sets us apart. This is especially beneficial to our customers in the Canadian Oil sands.

Purolite is your partner to optimize cost savings. Products such as our Shallow Shell and dual function anion resins offer savings through a reduction in water and chemical costs with a quick return on investment. With our top-tier research and development resources, we can also tailor resin solutions for a wide range of challenging applications.

Product Quality

Quality and consistency are key components and an essential part of oil and gas. ISO and additional standards associated with quality management, good manufacturing practices and ease of access to regulatory information are all well regarded and extremely relevant to the oil and gas industry. Purolite has a dedicated, global regulatory team at our manufacturing locations to support your applications and management of change initiatives.
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