Nuclear | A Closer Look Series - Short Loading

Short loading, a common challenge in the nuclear industry, refers to partial resin loading of the cleanup bed and CVCS system during refueling outages. This situation can lead to reduced waste while maintaining the integrity of the polishing system and, ultimately, impact the plant's overall performance.

Purolite resins are critical to tackling short-loading issues and supporting a power plant. Our specially designed resin selectively captures radioactive species like cesium and cobalt. While bypassing the reactor coolant through this resin, we can efficiently remove radioactive contaminants and achieve ideal water chemistry conditions.
Resin technology will provide the following:

• Improved Safety: Reduces the levels of radioactive species in the coolant, enhancing overall safety and minimizing radiation exposure risks to plant personnel and the environment.

• Enchanced Performance: By maintaining optimal water chemistry conditions, we can maximize the lifespan of fuel assemblies, reduce corrosion, and minimize the potential for fuel failures. This directly translates into increased plant availability and long-term operational stability.

• Increased efficiency: With short-loading issues mitigated, your plant can achieve higher power output and fuel utilization, leading to improved energy generation and enhanced economic viability.

• Sustainability: By maximizing fuel efficiency, we actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting our commitment to sustainable energy production and a greener future.

We are proud to work with our partners within this industry and look forward to continuing to drive progress and innovation for a greener future for all!

Learn how ion exchange can support your plant to protect your nuclear system against corrosion, extend the unit's life and maintain a safe environment from radioactive isotopes.