Principalele Aplicatii

  • Affinity chromatography for protein and monoclonal antibody purification


  • Manufactured using patented Jetting technology to produce uniform particle size
  • Repligen® NGL-ImpactTM A HipH ligand
  • High dynamic binding capacity (up to 60 g/l for polyclonal hIgG)
  • Specifically designed for eluting Fc-containing molecules at milder pH
  • Alkaline stable protein A resin
  • Manufactured with reduced environmental impact

Aprobari de reglementare

  • Full regulatory support available

Ambalaje tipice

  • Bulk Resin
  • Production-Scale OPUS® Columns
  • OPUS® Robocolumns®
  • OPUS® MiniChrom Columns
  • HT Columns

Caracteristici tipice fizice si chimice

structura polimerului Highly cross linked agarose
grupare funcționala Protein A
Average particle size (d50ᵥ), μm 50 µm
Particle size range (micron) 95% between 35-90 µm
Dynamic binding capacity Up to ~60 mg hIgG/ml resin
Pressure/flow specifications Up to 200 cm/h (30 x 20 cm column)
pH stability, CIP (short term) 2 - 13
pH stability, working range 3 - 12
Recommended storage 2 - 8°C in 20% ethanol / 2% benzyl alcohol. Shipped in 20% ethanol / 2 % benzyl alcohol on request.