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Sugar Refining Applications

Purolite provides a comprehensive line of products for all cane sugar refining, beet sugar refining and sugar decolorization applications along with unique products for new challenges. These products cover a wide range of detailed processes within sugar refining.

Cane Sugar Refining
In cane sugar refining, sucrose is extracted from the sugar cane stalk in a cane sugar mill, purified and crystallized into a tan colored raw sugar. The sugar we consume must be further refined so as to not impart color, flavor or odor to the foods and beverages it sweetens. In a cane sugar refinery the raw sugar is remelted and the sucrose is further decolorized with ion exchange resins, carbon or bone char and crystallized into white sugar or delivered as liquid in bulk tanker trucks for industry, consumers and confectioners. Liquid sugar can be further refined with ion exchange resins to remove ash or inverted as required for the application.

Beet Sugar Refining
In beet sugar refining, ion exchange resins are being used extensively for thin juice softening and chromatographic separation of beet molasses. There are many more opportunities to utilize ion exchange resins to improve refining operations, save costs, increase production capacity and solve environmental issues. 

Purolite Advantage
Purolite partners with customers on research and development projects to develop tailored resins for the latest applications. We also provide value to the food and beverage industry by offering outstanding technical sales and support, global presence, a customer-centered approach and top-tier research and development laboratories and resources.

Meeting Complex Regulatory Needs
Purolite’s food and beverage resins must meet FDA guidelines (USA) and REACH requirements (EU). Purolite produces Halal products under the supervision of several respected Islamic councils and manufacture products in compliance with Kosher production and packaging rules.

Quality and consistency are key components and an essential part of chemicals. ISO and additional standards associated with quality management, good manufacturing practices and ease of access to regulatory information are all well regarded and extremely relevant to the food and beverage industry. Purolite has a dedicated, global regulatory team at our manufacturing locations to support your applications and management of change initiatives.

Please contact us with your ion exchange resin questions for food and beverage applications.

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