Environmental Commitment

Purolite is fully committed to environmental responsibility and believes in its obligation to monitor and improve environmental performance in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of its products. Purolite has created a framework in order to provide long-term, sustainable business operations that use resources efficiently and help minimize adverse environmental impact.  

Purolite aims to make environmental management an integral core value and continues to provide innovative solutions that are socially responsible for global customers and stakeholders. In order to achieve environmentally responsible goals, Purolite strives to:

  • Meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations at all Purolite facilities

  • Provide customer support so the use of our products helps minimize environmental impact at their facilities

  • Develop new resin technology that helps reduce use of natural resources and generation of waste products

  • Deliver products in a manner that helps minimize packaging waste

  • Promote reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and waste minimization

  • Continually monitor and improve environmental objectives within all levels of global operations