Big Game Festivities at Purolite

Purolite celebrated this weekend’s NFL Championship at its King of Prussia headquarters and Philadelphia manufacturing facility with special events.

Purolite’s Philadelphia Manufacturing Facility hosted a pizza party where pizza was enjoyed by all. The Board Room and Break Room we’re decorated in football-themed decor.

At the King of Prussia Headquarters, employees brought homemade soup and chili for a taste testing luncheon.

First place winner Jim Zawicki brought a family made taco soup, “The event was a great way to bring everyone together and all of the entries were terrific.” Jim states, “I’m happy that my co-employees enjoyed the soup, but it was definitely a team effort. The recipe came from a friend and my wife generously purchased the ingredients and made the soup.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.”

In second place, Surekha Patel made a spicy vegetarian chili substituting the meat with impossible meat.
Tom Gigliotti and Zina Reyes also made a soup and chili dish and received participation awards. Everything was delicious and fun was had by all. Congratulations to Jim and Surekha on their respective dishes!