Did You Know that Resin Technology Helps Ensure You Are Stocked-up With Toilet Paper?

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed our A-list household items, and toilet paper is at the top. As a society, we watched the hoarding, bulk buying and shortages of this essential item. But, did you know that Ion exchange is a crucial component of the toilet paper production process to help keep costs down?

Fine tissue paper manufacturing process uses boiler feedwater to create natural steam that powers the machinery to operate the paper mill. However, if calcium, magnesium and alkalinity are not removed from the raw water used to make the boiler feedwater, scale will form on boiler heat transfer surfaces lowering the efficiency to make steam and more fuel will be required to compensate for the efficiency loss.  

By removing calcium in the boiler feedwater through ion exchange resin before it becomes steam, the water is cleaned and will not create scaling. Ion exchange ensures that the machinery can operate at optimal performance.

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