Did You Know..Ion exchange resins help people to stop smoking?

If you are trying to kick the habit, many reformed smokers have found success with FDA approved smoking cessation products. 

The number and type of smoking cessation products are on the rise. The early patch and gum are now being supplemented with lozenges and pouches; adding to the options for someone who wants to wean themselves from conventional cigarettes. A key to smoking cessation products is providing the nicotine dose to satiate the craving for a cigarette. Several nicotine replacement therapies utilize ion exchange resin as a carrier for the nicotine. Ion exchange resin enables slow and uniform release of nicotine. Purolite® C115HMR, also known as Polacrilex, is a dry, powdered, weak acid, polymethacrylic cation exchange resin in the hydrogen form that is commonly used to enable NRT products to have this controlled nicotine release. It works because the nicotine is adsorbed onto the powdered resin, which, when combined with the gum, is released uniformly by chewing.

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