Protein Purification by Metal Affinity

Chromalite® MIDA is a chromatography resin used in protein purification by metal affinity. The resins show a high affinity for His-tag proteins after loading with metals such as iron, copper, cobalt, zinc and nickel.

Isolation of specific protein fractions from fermentation broth or protein mixtures by using cost-effective, scalable, sterilizable resins offers a significant increase in value and productivity. Thus, most of the recombinant proteins contain a histidine tag fused. Chromalite® MIDA was specifically designed to selectively capture His-tagged enzymes for both purification and biocatalytic processes.

This new range of IDA resins increases the potential use of a wide range of His-tagged enzymes in the manufacture of key compounds while minimizing the downstream processing cost by combining purification and immobilization in one simple step.


  • Robust matrix, highly porous for enzymes/proteins
  • Enzyme activity higher than standard immobilization procedures
  • Shorter immobilization time (2 h vs 24 h)
  • Less enzyme required (10 mg/g vs 50 mg/g)
  • His-tag allowed enzyme orientation upon immobilization
  • Selective immobilization of desired His-tag enzyme
  • Recycling with no loss of activity
  • No metal leaching
  • Single immobilization/purification step
  • Comparable activities to covalent immobilization in the presence of organic solvents

SpectraChrom Kit

Chromalite MIDA Product Range

  • Chromalite® MIDA/F (40 – 90 micron)
  • Chromalite® MIDA/M (75 – 125 micron)
  • Chromalite® MIDA/C (100 – 300 micron)

Resin volumes available:

  • 25ml
  • 100ml
  • 500ml
  • 1 litre
  • 5 litres
  • 10 litres
  • 20 litres

SpectraChrom Kit

A resin screening kit for affinity His-tag immobilization and enzyme purification. The SpectraChrom Kit includes six different metal-loaded resins that enable you to perform rapid screening during protein purification or metal affinity immobilization.

The kit includes 25ml of each Chromalite® MIDA resin:

  • Chromalite® MIDA/M/Ni

  • Chromalite® MIDA/M/Co

  • Chromalite® MIDA/M/Zn

  • Chromalite® MIDA/M/Cu

  • Chromalite® MIDA/M/Fe

  • Chromalite® MIDA/M

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