Praesto AP+80

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Improve Process Efficiency

Biosimilars are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry, offering cost-effective alternatives to biologic drugs. Process optimization is crucial for cost-efficient dual source resin production and for ensuring safety and efficacy.

Developed with an 80-micron bead, Praesto AP+80 maximizes production speed and throughput by providing ideal pressure flow conditions.

Praesto AP+80 is a comparable alternative to market-leading affinity resins and particularly suited for separations using increased bed heights to enhance process economics.

Part of the Purolite™ Affinity Resin Toolbox

Praesto AP+80 is an agarose-based affinity resin engineered to support the purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in large-scale manufacturing processes. It builds upon the innovation of Purolite’s Affinity Resin Toolbox.

The Purolite Difference

Developed in partnership with Repligen, and manufactured using Purolite’s patented Jetting technology, Praesto AP+80 offers uniform beads to ensure quality and performance.

Jetting manufacturing reduces the use of solvents and decreases wastewater to support sustainability goals. Compared to traditional methods, Jetting accelerates
time to market with fewer production steps.


High capacity 80 μm bead

Optimal pressure flow properties

High dynamic binding capacity up to 60 g/L

Product Data

Alkaline Stability
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) exhibits high efficiency in removing bound proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids from bioprocess resins, alleviating the risk of fouling on heavily burdened Protein A columns. Praesto AP+80 maintains excellent capacity after exposure to 0.1 M NaOH for 400 cycles, facilitating efficient CIP and longer resin lifetime.
Pressure Flow AP-80-Pressure-Flow
With Praesto AP+80, flows of up to 350 cm/h are achievable at 25 cm bed height in a 30 cm diameter columns, within the safe operational window of less than 2 bar pressure.​
Dynamic Binding Capacity
Capacity data for an IgG1 subclass monoclonal antibody on Praesto AP+80 at 3, 4.8, 6, and 10-minute residence time.

Praesto AP+80 offers comparable binding capacity to competitor resins, allowing for consistency in existing processes and use of existing columns.


Praesto AP+80 Brochure


Praesto AP+80 IFU


Praesto® AP+80

Typical Physical & Chemical Properties


Highly cross linked agarose


Alkali stabilized recombinant Protein A

Dynamic binding capacity

Up to 60 mg mAb/ml resin (6 minute residence time)

Jetted Particle Size

80 µm

Particle Size - µm

≥ 95% within range 45 - 125 cm/h

Pressure/Flow specifications

Up to 400 cm/h (30 x 25 cm)

pH stability, working range

3 - 12

pH stability, CIP (short term)

2 - 13

Recommended storage

2 - 8 °C in 20% ethanol