The Art of Column Packing

Chromatographic column packing is often described as 'more art than science' when it comes to achieving consisent, optimal results. It is important for biopharmaceutical production that the purification process is robust and reproducible.  Therefore, it is vital that chromatography columns are properly packed and able to be qualified within a reasonable time frame.

The risk of an incorrectly packed column can either be expensive downtime from having to repeat the packing process from scratch, or an overall drop in product quality from a non-homogeneous packed bed.

To have a robust, reliable and optimized chromatography process, you need to have a properly packed and qualified column, which ensures:

  • maximum efficiency;

  • high product yield;

  • high purity.

The key challenge though, is achieving consistent, optimal packing characteristics at your first attempt, whether you're packing columns at pilot or process scale.

We have expanded our UK agarose resin manufacturing facility with the addition of a modern column packing suite, equipped with best-in-class pilot and process-scale equipment to match our best-in-class Praesto resin performance. 
The suite enables us to provide expert, hands-on training to increase your packing success rates at both pilot and process scales, as well as demonstrate scale-up performance of our full Praesto mAb purification range.