Column Packing

It is important for biopharmaceutical production that the purification process is robust and reproducible.  Therefore, it is vital that chromatography columns are properly packed and able to be qualified within a reasonable time frame. Learn more about why it is important to pack columns correctly.

Here you will find instructions to pack both Praesto® Jetted A50 and Praesto® AC, AP and APc at both lab and process scale.

Lab Scale Columns

  • Tricorn™
  • Omnifit®
  • HiScale™
Production Scale Columns
  • AxiChrom™ 200
  • AxiChrom™ 600
  • BPG™ 200
Tricorn™, HiScale™, AxiChrom™, BPG™ are registered trademarks of Cytiva Life Sciences, formerly GE Healthcare. Omnifit® is a registered trademark of Kinesis Ltd

Why are uniform beads better for packing?
Typical resins in the market are produced using batch-emulsification, producing non-uniform beads. Our jetting technology manufactures beads with a uniform particle size distribution. This is advantageous as packing columns with uniform beads results in enhanced performance characteristics, including:

  • Improved resolution and kinetics
  • Rapid diffusion
  • Reduced buffer volume
  • Faster cycling time
  • Higher dynamic binding capacities 
  • Adjustable flow rates through customizable particle size

The two graphs below show the improved dynamic binding capacity and efficient processing time of one of our jetted resin products compared to the market standard. Find out more about the benefits here.