Protein Purification Resins

In biopharmaceutical application, proteins are extracted from extracellular or intracellular production resulting from a fermentation production. The extracellular will typically require centrifugation or filtration to separate the whole cells from the fermentation broth containing the target proteins. The intracellular will require homogenization or other similar disruption techniques to break the cells and release the trapped proteins. This will require considerable filtration and chromatographic technique to accomplish the desired purity.

For the biopharmaceutical applications, proteins are highly pure and injected intravenously to the patient to produce desired result. The Biopharmaceutical application will follow the CBER regulation part of the FDA.

Protein purification using chromatographic resins is a powerful, scalable method used to isolate a targeted protein of interest from a more complex mixture.

Designed with a range of particle sizes, functionalities and base matrices suitable for lab to process-scale applications, our resins help you to achieve optimal yields and product purity throughout process scale-up.

We have a range of chemistries functionalized onto Agarose or Methacrylic polymers to suit your process requirements. Our resins are ideal for affinity chromatography and Ion exchange chromatography.

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