Cosmetics Applications

Many cosmetics applications focus on the purification of various high value molecules, such as proteins and peptides, as ingredients in skincare formulations. These proteins help to hydrolyze and create younger-looking skin.

These molecules are purified with the use of Purolite ion exchange resins and adsorbents. Hydrolyzed collagen is also purified using ion exchange resins as it helps with the appearance of dry or damaged skin.

Other applications are the extraction of natural colors that aid in building the foundation of the skin color and fruit extracts with antioxidant properties. These naturally derived molecules are extracted with the use of a Purolite adsorbent.

Some ingredients can be produced synthetically using Purolite's biocatalyst products or hydrogen form cation exchangers. The synthetic route maximizes the productivity of such molecules.

The most common chemicals in cosmetics to bring proper hydration to the skin are glycerin and propylene glycol. These are purified with ion exchange and chelating resins to improve their hydration properties.

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