Jeff Sehn Joins Purolite Team

2/set/2020 / Quebec, Canada

Purolite is excited to welcome Jeff Sehn as Sales Engineer in Eastern Canada

Pau Solano Named Sales Engineer in Spain

20/ago/2020 / Barcelona, Spain

Purolite is excited to welcome Pau Solano as Sales Engineer in Spain

Purolite's Employee of the Month, July 2020

12/ago/2020 / King of Prussia, PA, USA

Jennifer Sherry works as the Sales & Office Administrator for Purolite PTY LTD in New Zealand. Her regional area is Australia and New Zealand.

Kolin Jeffers Joins Purolite Team

7/ago/2020 / King of Prussia, PA

Purolite welcomes new administrative assistant Kolin Jeffers to the team.

Sean Kennedy Joins Purolite Team

28/jul/2020 / King of Prussia, PA

Purolite welcomes Sean Kennedy as Project Manager.

David Lemen Joins Purolite

20/jul/2020 /

Purolite welcomes David Lemen as Southeast United States Territory Manager.

Purolite's Employee of the Month, June 2020

15/jul/2020 / King of Prussia, PA, USA

Cathy Swanson works as the Western Territory Sales Manager for Purolite Americas. Her area of focus is in the groundwater market.

Dulce Maria Verde Perez is Appointed for Customer Service for Mexico and Central America

24/jun/2020 / Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mexico

Purolite is excited to welcome Dulce Maria Verde Perez for Customer Service for Mexico and Central America

Purolite's Employee of the Month, May 2020

12/jun/2020 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Stephen Xing is the Deputy General Managerin Safety and Internal Affairs at the China plant location. In his role, Stephen manages many areas including administrative, safety, and security.

Jonghun Park is Appointed for Technical Sales in Korea

10/jun/2020 / Suwon-si, Korea

Purolite is excited to welcome Jonghun Park for Technical Sales in Korea

Martin Novák Named Sales and Technical Manager in the Czech Republic

3/jun/2020 / Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Purolite is excited to welcome Martin Novák as Sales and Technical Manager in the Czech Republic

Purolite Korea Ion Exchange Resins Applications Laboratory

20/mai/2020 / Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Purolite Korea Ion Exchange Resins Applications Laboratory

Purolite's Employee of the Month, April 2020

9/mai/2020 / Wales, UK

Lauren Davies works within the Agarose Pilot and Jetting Labs as a Team Leader, ensuring production runs as efficiently as possible within the teams.

ISO Certifications for Purolite China

1/mai/2020 / Zhejiang, China

Purolite China Co., Ltd., located in Zhejiang, China recently received two additional ISO certifications.

Frank Burinsky Promoted to Midwest Sales Manager

1/mai/2020 /

Purolite is happy to announce the promotion of Frank Burinsky to Midwest Sales Manager

Purolite secures funding to support essential industries during COVID-19

23/abr/2020 / Wales, UK

Purolite has secured funding from HSBC UK to support essential industries during the coronavirus outbreak.

Purolite donates PPE to local GP hub

23/abr/2020 / Wales, UK

Purolite has donated over 6000 pieces of PPE, including gloves and face masks to the Tonyrefail surgery to support the response to COVID-19.

Chrystal Stasicky Promoted to Sales Support Specialist

16/abr/2020 / King of Prussia, PA

Purolite is happy to announce the promotion of Chrystal Stasicky from Administrative Assistant to Sales Support Specialist.

Purolite Mexico is ISO 9001:2015 Compliant

16/abr/2020 / State of Mexico, Mexico

Purolite Corporation in Mexico has successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015.

Covid-19 Supply Statement

2/abr/2020 /

The latest supply statement from Purolite Life Sciences regarding Covid-19.

Howard Brodie Joins Purolite Team

26/mar/2020 / King of Prussia, PA

Purolite welcomes Howard Brodie as Vice President and Global General Counsel to the Team.

COVID-19 Update

24/mar/2020 /

Purolite Corporation is 100% operational

Purolite's Employee of the Month, March 2020

15/mar/2020 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Congratulations to Daniel Valentin, Purolite's Employee of the month, Marc 2020! Dan's co-workers have observed him going above and beyond the expectations of his role, and providing critical assistance to the lab.

Protein A resin implemented into FDA-approved commercial manufacturing

6/mar/2020 / Wales, UK

Praesto Jetted A50 chromatography resin has been incorporated into the commercial manufacturing process of an FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatment.

Purolite Launches Next-Level Innovation of IX Resin Simulation Platform

6/mar/2020 /

Purolite Corporation announces the launch of Purolite Resin System Modeling platform or PRSM™, the latest in resin plant simulation. PRSM is a free cloud-based program that models all aspects of plant design associated with ion exchange resin performance and operation.

Employee of the Month, February 2020

15/fev/2020 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite is proud to announce February's Employee of the Month, Gabriel Milea! Gabriel was nominated after supervisors noticed his efforts in the transition to new technology within the AMA facility.

Purolite Welcomes Ahmed Eldaly to its Egypt Sales Team

29/jan/2020 /

Purolite is happy to welcome Ahmed Eldaly to its Egypt sales team.

Purolite's Employees of the Month, January 2020

15/jan/2020 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Congratulations to Purolite's Employees of the month, Antonio, Felix, and Ray! The team worked hard to complete an early morning transfer in sub-zero temperatures.

Suzanne Myers Joins Marketing Team

19/dez/2019 / King of Prussia, PA

Purolite is proud to welcome its new Marketing Communications Manager, Suzanne Myers to the marketing team.

Purolite's Employee of the Month December 2019

16/dez/2019 / Italy

Purolite is proud to announce that Claudio Genco, Sales Representative in the Italian office, has been selected as Purolite's Employee of the Month!

Purolite Life Sciences partner with Iosynth to offer increased support for biocatalysis process development

4/dez/2019 / Llantrisant, Wales

Purolite Life Sciences have joined forces with Iosynth, a biocatalysis service company offering specialist process development and optimization services to global pharma, agro chemical, cosmetics and fine chemical markets.

Purolite announces plans for new global headquarters

2/dez/2019 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite Corporation announces plans for new global headquarters in King of Prussia, PA, USA

Praesto chromatography resins move into commercial manufacturing of FDA-approved biotherapeutics

21/nov/2019 / Llantrisant, South Wales

Purolite's Praesto range of agarose-based chromatography resins move into the commercial manufacturing of FDA-approved biotherapeutics.

Employee of the Month, November 2019

15/nov/2019 / Philadelphial, PA, USA

Congratulations to Scott Haldeman, Ion Exchange Chemist, on being selected as Purolite's Employee of the Month! Scott was nominated by Steve Moylan, Laboratory Manager, who observed Scott's efforts in the lab.

Purolite Welcomes Jim Zawicki

15/out/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Purolite welcomes Jim Zawicki, Marketing Communications Manager, to the Marketing Team! In this new position, he will be responsible for content development, website building, and social media management.

Nomble Lee Joins Purolite's Team

15/out/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Purolite is happy to welcome Nomble Lee to the Applications Team. Nomble joins Purolite as Applications Engineer, and will assist the Sales Team in answering customer's questions and providing new applications solutions.

Doree Jacobs Promoted to Purchasing Assistant

15/out/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Purolite is excited to announce the promotion of Doree Jacobs to Purchasing Assistant! Join us in wishing her the best of success in this new role.

Purolite's Employee of The Month, October 2019

15/out/2019 / Wales, UK

Congratulations to Julian Coman, Purolite's Employee of the Month, October 2019! Julian went above and beyond expectations this month, meeting tight deadlines and producing high quality product.

Dan Teeters Joins Purolite's Team

30/set/2019 / Fullerton, CA, USA

Purolite is excited to welcome Dan Teeters, our new National Service and Technical Support Manager. In this new position, he will be responsible for service management, and support of the Applications Engineering team.

John Madiraca Promoted to Manager of Sales Support and Special Projects

27/set/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Purolite wishes congratulations to John Madiraca on his promotion to the position of Manager of Sales Support and Special Projects. His new role will introduce new the responsibilities of Corporate Office and Special Projects Manager. Join us in wishing John the best of luck in this new position!

Purolite's Employee of the Month - September 2019

13/set/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Congratulations to Michael Rivera, Employee of the Month of September, 2019! Michael, IT Technician at Purolite's Philadelphia Headquarters, spent the past few month learning and implementing a new network system, and training employees on its use.

Martin Ghosh Joins Purolite

12/set/2019 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite is excited to welcome Martin Ghosh to the team in Victoria, Romania. Martin Ghosh comes to Purolite as Administrator and General Manager for our production plant in Romania.

Purolite's Employee of The Month, August 2019

15/ago/2019 / Deqing, China

Congratulations Mr. Ji Gang, Engineer and Maintenance Manager at Purolite's production plant in Deqing, China for being selected as Employee of the Month, August 2019! His effort and dedication to the completion of several projects this year helped to motivate his fellow employees and streamline their completion!

Zhao Wei Joins Purolite Team

1/ago/2019 / Deqing County, China

Purolite is happy to announce that Zhao Wei has joined Purolite's team at the plant in China. In this new position, he will be responsible for General Management of Purolite's production plant.

Dr. David Hayhurst Returns to UK Sales Team

24/jul/2019 / Wales, U.K.

Purolite is excited to welcome Dr. David Hayhurst back to the UK sales team. David joins the team as U.K. Technical Sales Manager, and will be responsible for providing technical and sales support to customers within the Midlands and Southwest of England and Wales.

Cathy Swanson Presents at AGWT Training Seminar in Phoenix Arizona

18/jul/2019 / Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Cathy Swanson, Groundwater Remediation Specialist, was invited to speak at the American Groundwater Trust's training seminar, focused on new technologies for the removal of PFAS and other contaminants.

Purolite's Employee of the Month - July 2019

15/jul/2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations to Anna Luna, July's Employee of the Month! Anna works at the G-street plant in the Human Resource Department. Over the past few months, Anna has maintained the responsibilities of both Human Resource Generalist and Human Resource Manager during a company transition; doing so with a positive attitude.

Chris Zdvorak Joins Technical Sales Team

11/jul/2019 / Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Purolite welcomes Chris Zdvorak to the Technical Sales Team. Chris will assist the Midwest Region in identifying solutions to their process problems.

Purolite Moves to A New Office In Jordan

9/jul/2019 / Amman, Jordan

Purolite's team in Jordan has moved to a new location.

Alexis Sherman Joins Purolite Human Resource Team

8/jul/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Purolite is happy to introduce Alexis Sherman, the new Human Resource Manager at the G-Street plant located in Philadelphia. Alexis will be available to help ensure employees needs are met.

Anamaria Teodoru Beatrice Joins Purolite Romania's Technical Team

3/jul/2019 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite is happy to introduce Anamaria, who will function as Chemical Engineer to the plant in Romania. Anamaria comes to Purolite with a background in science and research, ready to explore new pharmaceutical and health related applications for our products.

Anamaria Mardaru Joins Purolite Romania

3/jul/2019 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite is proud to introduce Anamaria Mardaru, the newest member of the technical team at our Romania location. With an extensive background in chemical engineering, Mardaru will assume the position of Process Engineer.

Elizabeth Cuan Joins Purolite

1/jul/2019 / Mexico & Central America

Purolite is excited to welcome Elizabeth Cuan to the team in Mexico as Office Support. Elizabeth has a background in Business Administration, particularly finance, and we look forward to seeing her contribute to our team!

Purolite Welcomes New Technical Sales Engineer, Mohamed Allouch

28/jun/2019 / Tangier, Morocco

Purolite is excited to introduce Mohamed Allouch, the newest addition to our EMEA sales team.

Purolite Presents at Sweetener Workshop Hosted By Coca Cola

27/jun/2019 / Manila, Philipines

Fabio Sousa, Managing Director of Latin American Operations, presents on sugar processing at Coca-Cola's sweetener workshop.

Purolite Life Sciences to present at series of Repligen Seminars

26/jun/2019 /

We are pleased to announce that we will be taking part in a series of upcoming Repligen Technical Seminars in 2019.

Purolite Romania GMP certification renewed by The National Medicines Agency and Medical Devices.

19/jun/2019 / Victoria, Romania

Congratulations to the team at Purolite S.R.L. for the successful audit and achieving maintenance of the certification for pharmaceutical production.

Purolite to build an environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment plant in Victoria, Romania

18/jun/2019 / Victoria, Romania

Looking to decrease environmental impact while increasing efficiency, Purolite S.R.L. will build a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant in Victoria, Romania.

Purolite's Employee of The Month - June 2019

13/jun/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Congratulations to Lorenzo Martinez, June's Employee of the Month! Lorenzo works in the shipping and packaging department at the G-street plant, and has been with Purolite for 25 years. His co-workers have all noticed and appreciated his leadership skills, looking up to him as an exemplary employee at the plant.

Purolite Romania to be awarded ISO 14001 Certification

12/jun/2019 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite Romania passes environmental management system operations audit for ISO 14001 certification from BSI Group.

Chris Bailey Joins Purolite

10/jun/2019 / Boca Raton, FL, USA

Chris Bailey joins the Purolite East Coast Sales team as Southeast Regional Manager. Join us in welcoming him to the team.

Purolite Romania Awarded for Business Excellence

5/jun/2019 / Braşov, Romania

Adelin Stefanache proudly accepted awards on behalf of Purolite at the 14th annual Excellence in Business Awards Gala in Braşov, Romania.

Marlyn Lopez Aguilar Joins Purolite Mexico

3/jun/2019 / Estado de Mexico, Mexico

Marlyn Lopez Aguilar joins the Purolite team in Mexico, functioningas the Administrative and Financial Manager to Mexico and Central America.

Emma Izzo Joins Purolite

28/mai/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Emma Izzo comes to Purolite from University of Pennsylvania, joining the marketing Team as Marketing Intern.

Brendan Frain joins Purolite's Marketing Team

20/mai/2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Meet Brendan, Purolite USA's new Marketing Intern. Brendan comes to Purolite from Bucknell College, and will spend the summer creating content for and developing the Purolite website.

Hilary Valentine Joins Purolite

20/mai/2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Meet Hilary Valentine, Purolite USA's new Marketing Coordinator. Hilary comes to Purolite with background experience in Marketing and Trade Show Management.

James Roberts joins Purolite UK Financial Team

20/mai/2019 / Wales, United Kingdom

James Roberts is the newest member of our Purolite team in the UK. James joins Purolite as Financial Planning and Analysis Manager.

Jun Sakyo joins Purolite Tokyo's Technical Sales Team

16/mai/2019 / Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan – Purolite is excited to welcome Jun Sakyo, Technical Sales Specialist, to the Sales team in Purolite Japan. Jun comes to Purolite with significant experience in organic synthetic chemistry, chemical production, and engineering.

Purolite's Employee of the Month - May 2019

8/mai/2019 / Wales, UK

Congratulations to Kate Lewis, Employee of the Month, May 2019! Kate Lewis, Quality Control Technician at the UK plant spent this month developing new testing methods to check the quality of our new line of resins, Purosynth, as well as contributing to a number of other R&D projects.

Dario Vracevic joins Purolite Finance Team

15/abr/2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Meet Dario Vracevic, the newest member of the finance team at Purolite's U.S. headquarters. Dario attends Drexel university and will be completing his co-op in our finance department, as Financial Analyst co-op.

Purolite's Employee of the Month - April 2019

10/abr/2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations to Dave Concepcion! Dave, Purolite's Maintenance Supervisor and Coordinator at the US manufacturing plant, has been chosen as Purolite's April Employee of the Month. His contributions to the plants efficiency and to company culture are significant and greatly beneficial to Purolite.

Purolite announce partnership with PharmNXT Biotech in India

8/abr/2019 /

Purolite is pleased to announce our partnership with PharmNXT Biotech, for the supply and distribution of the Purolite Life Science Praesto® range of chromatography resins in India.

Jason Copin Joins Purolite Finance Team

3/abr/2019 / Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA

Meet Jason Copin, Purolite USA's new Credits and Collections Manager. With a background in Organizational Leadership and Finance, he will manage customer credit accounts.

Athmane Rabia Joins Purolite Algeria

1/abr/2019 / Algeria

Purolite is proud to welcome Athmane Rabia to the Technical Sales Team in Algeria. There, he will assume the role of Technical Sales Engineer, assisting clients in his territory to select the correct resin solution for their process.

Joshua Antonacci Joins Technical Team

27/mar/2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Purolite is happy to welcome Joshua Antonacci to the Technical Team at the G-street plant.

Gabe Austin Joins Sales Team as Regional Technical Sales Representative

6/fev/2019 / Southern California, USA

Purolite is proud to welcome Gabe Austin to the Sales Team in the Western Region as Western Regional Technical Sales Representative.

Matteo Garegnani Promoted to Applications Director EMEA Region

30/jan/2019 / Europe, Middle East, Africa

Congratulations to Matteo Garegnani! Matteo has been with Purolite's Technical Team for 18 years. We know that he will contribute greatly in his new role as Applications Director EMEA Region.

Cathy Swanson Joins Sales Team as West Regional Sales Manager

30/jan/2019 / Californa, USA

Purolite is excited to welcome Cathy Swanson to the US Sales Team as West Regional Sales Manager.

Purolite China’s R&D Institute Certified as a Key Technologies R&D Program and Awarded Government Grant

23/jan/2019 / Zhejiang, China

The Chinese Government announced that it has certified Purolite’s Research and Development Institute as a Government Senior-Level Subsidized Project.

Devon Santos Joins Purolite as Mechanical Engineer Co Op

19/jan/2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Devon Santos has joined the Purolite Manufacturing Team as Mechanical Engineer Co-op. He will spend the next 8 months working at the G-Street Plant.

Purolite Announces Price Increase for First Quarter 2019

14/jan/2019 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite will raise prices to an average of 10% for ion exchange, adsorbent, chelation, catalyst and select specialty resins.

Purolite Invests in Sustainability

8/jan/2019 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite begins 2019 by investing for future sustainability and continuing our commitment to being the leader in resin technology.

Purolite Adds a New Stocking Warehouse in the Midwest, USA

10/dez/2018 / Lisbon, Iowa, USA

Purolite USA partners with Global Water Services to open a stocking warehouse in the Midwest USA.

Cathy Zhou Promoted to Vice President of China

12/nov/2018 / Hangzhou, China

Cathy Zhou has been promoted to Vice President of China, and will be responsible for overseeing daily management of Purolite.

Jason Pryor Joins Purolite Sales Support Team as Sales Support Specialist

31/out/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Purolite welcomes new employee Jason Pryor to the Sales Support team as Sales Support Specialist.

Rebecca Keyser Joins Sales Support Team as Sales Support Specialist

31/out/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Purolite is happy to welcome Rebecca Keyser to the Sales Support Team as Sales Support Specialist

Anna Luna Joins Purolite USA as Human Resource Assistant

23/out/2018 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Purolite is excited to welcome Anna Luna to the Human Resource Team as HR Assistant.

Shaindel Brodie Joins Purolite as Marketing Assistant

16/out/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite is happy to announce that Shaindel Brodie joins the Purolite headquarters as Marketing Assistant.

Purolite Life Sciences opens 100,000L capacity agarose resin manufacturing facility

2/out/2018 / Wales, UK

Purolite celebrate the opening of one of the world's largest facilities of its kind

Tom Gigliotti Joins the Purolite USA Marketing Team

24/set/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Tom Gigliotti becomes part of the Purolite USA marketing team and will be responsible for digital media objectives for Purolite including analytics, SEO and other corporate marketing objectives.

Douglas Macrone Joins Purolite USA as Sales Support Specialist

18/set/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Douglas Macrone joins the Customer Service team at the Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA headquarters as a Sales Support Specialist.

Congressman Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania's Eighth Congressional District Learns About Ion Exchange Resins for PFAS Treatment

31/ago/2018 / Philadelphia, P.A., USA

Purolite Corporation joins Altair Equipment, Warminster Municipal Authority and others for an information session on treating PFAS contamination with ion exchange resin.

Purolite USA is ISO 9001:2015 Compliant

31/ago/2018 / Philadelphia, P.S., USA

Purolite Corporation in Philadelphia and Bala Cynwyd, P.A. USA has successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015.

Purolite successfully secures funding to support a project exploiting Purolite ECR resins and immobilized enzymes.

1/ago/2018 /

We are pleased to announce that following a competitive bidding process run by Innovate UK, Purolite has successfully secured funding to support a project exploiting Purolite ECR resins and immobilised enzymes.

Purolite Brazil Completes ISO 9001:2015 Transition

26/jul/2018 / São Paulo, Brasil

Purolite’s location in Brasil has achieved successful transition to the updated ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Adriana Costin Promoted to Copolymer Plant Supervisor

20/jul/2018 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite is proud to announce the promotion of Adriana Costin to the position of Copolymer Plant Supervisor at our production facility in Victoria, Romania.

Andrew Talbot Joins Purolite in Llantrisant, Wales, U.K.

19/jul/2018 / Llantrisant, Wales, U.K.

Andrew Talbot joins Purolite in Llantrisant, Wales, U.K. as the European Finance Analyst.

Oliver Baumann Promoted to Director of Sales

13/jul/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Effective July 11, 2018, Oliver Baumann has been promoted to Director of Sales in the USA and will head the Midwest, Southwest and Western USA sales teams.

Purolite Korea Moves to New Office

10/jul/2018 / Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Purolite's office in Korea has moved to a new, modern office space.

Jord Yniguez Joins Purolite as a Technical Specialist

3/jul/2018 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

The most recent member of our Applications Team will work at the laboratory in Philadelphia to assist with testing, product development and technical questions.

Cătălin Zaharia Promoted to Project Manager in Romania

1/jul/2018 / Victoria, Romania

Effective July 1, 2018, Cătălin Zaharia has been promoted from Process Engineer to Project Manager at Purolite's production facility in Victoria, Romania.

Purolite Life Sciences announces the launch of Praesto® Jetted A50

28/jun/2018 /

Purolite Life Sciences announces the launch of Praesto® Jetted A50 using proprietary Jetting technology | Leading the future of Protein A chromatography resins.

Price Increase Announcement

5/jun/2018 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite will increase prices on ion exchange, adsorbent, chelation and catalyst resins on July 1, 2018.

Chase Migliore Joins Purolite Team as Technical Sales Support Specialist

1/mai/2018 / USA

Chase Migliore is now with Purolite as a Technical Sales Specialist covering Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and Ohio.

Purolite Canada Has New Sales Representative

1/mai/2018 / Alberta, Canada

We are happy to welcome Allan Gray to Purolite as our Western Canada Sales Representative in Airdrie, AB, Canada.

Introducing Praesto® 'Jetted' A50 Protein A Affinity Uniform Size Particle Resin Beads

24/abr/2018 / Llantrisant, South Wales

Purolite Life Sciences, a pioneer in resin innovation for close to 40 years, continues to lead the future of chromatography by combining Jetting - an innovative process that produces 50 µm uniform size agarose beads with high surface area - together with a modern, high performing protein A ligand.

New Purolite Office Opens in New Zealand

19/mar/2018 / Auckland, New Zealand

Purolite opened a new technical sales office in Auckland, New Zealand to service customers in the country.

Purolite Romania Expands IT Team

13/mar/2018 / Victoria, Romania

Christian Capriceanu joins Purolite in Victoria, Romania as an Information Technology Technician.

Purolite China Successfully Transitions to ISO 9001:2015

5/mar/2018 / Zhejiang, China

Purolite's manufacturing facility in Zhejiang, China receive certification for the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Purolite China Receives OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification

4/mar/2018 / Zhejiang, China

Purolite Co. Ltd., Purolite's manufacturing facility in China has received OHSAS 9001:2008 certification for occupational health and safety management from WIT Assessment Co., Ltd.

Purolite Removes 1,2 Dichloroethane from Ion Exchange Resin Production

11/dez/2017 / Victoria, Romania

Purolite leads the industry by removing 1,2 dichloroethane (also known as ethylene dichloride or EDC) from ion exchange resin production at the manufacturing facility in Victoria, Romania. Formerly used as a solvent in the production of resins, all ion exchange resins produced in Romania are now solvent free.

New Spinchem® Cartridges Filled With Purolite Resins And Immobilized Enzymes

28/nov/2017 / Llantrisant, South Wales

SpinChem® and Purolite are releasing exchangeable resin-filled cartridges for easier and faster screening and optimization of biocatalysis production processes, designed to fit perfectly into SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (SpinChem® RBR S2).

Price Increase Announcement

21/nov/2017 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite will increase prices on ion exchange, adsorbent, chelation and catalyst resins up to 4.5% on January 1, 2018.

Purolite announce the production of the 'Jetted' High Resolution Exchange Resins

3/nov/2017 / Llantrisant, South Wales

Purolite is the first Agarose resin provider to produce process-scale volumes of a uniform particle size bead. Jetting technology is a new patented method that produces agarose beads with a very narrow particle size distribution.

Purolite Selects Repligen’s Market-Leading Opus® Pre-Packed Columns

1/nov/2017 / Llantrisant, South Wales

Purolite Life Sciences today announced its collaboration with Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ:RGEN), a life sciences company focused on bioprocessing technology leadership and the maker of the market-leading OPUS® line of pre-packed chromatography columns.

Carlos Soccoro Joins Purolite USA as Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

24/out/2017 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Carlos Socorro is Purolite's new Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at our Philadelphia, USA plant. He is responsible for the development, oversight, and management of environmental health and safety programs that protect worker & visitor safety, the environment, and compliance with local / federal laws & regulations.

HALAL Certification for Purolite China

7/set/2017 / Zhejiang, China

Purolite China has received HALAL certification from MUI, Indonesia.

Purolite Helps Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

5/set/2017 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite colleagues living and working in the areas of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey report that they are safe. Purolite is committed to helping our employees and customers recover from this devastating event.

Nick Backman Joins Purolite USA Midwest Sales Team

15/ago/2017 / Neena, WI, USA

With a background in chemistry and strong experience in water treatment solutions, Purolite is happy to introduce Nick as part of the sales team in the USA.

Purolite collaborate with Chromatan to develop novel Protein A bead

27/jun/2017 / Llantrisant, South Wales

The new resin bead exploits the capabilities of ChromaTan’s Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography (CCTC) system – the first resin-based, column-free chromatography system – to provide up to 15x increases in productivity for Protein A capture, intermediate and polishing steps.

Purolite Launches the Puromet Brand

12/jun/2017 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite launches a product brand, Puromet™, for products targeting the removal, recovery and sequestration of metals.

Purolite collaborate with SpinChem on new Biocatalysis products

15/mai/2017 / Umeå, Sweden

Through an exciting new cooperation agreement with Purolite Life Sciences, SpinChem is releasing exchangeable resin-filled cartridges that will allow for easier and faster screening and optimization of biocatalysis production processes.

PuroMill Polymeric Media for Clean Nanoparticle Creation is Now Available

15/mai/2017 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Available in purity grades supporting both ultra-pure pharmaceutical formulations, as well as high-purity industrial material development, PuroMill™ reduces the particle size of pharmaceutical and chemical compounds to nano scale (< 100 nm) to enhance their physical and chemical properties.

Enrico Mercalli Joins Purolite as Life Sciences Technology Director

8/mar/2017 / Milan, Italy

From laboratory research and scale-up, to production and sales—Enrico brings his broad knowledge of the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries to the Purolite team!

Laboratory in UK achieves ISO 14001:2015 Certification

9/fev/2017 / Llantrisant, Wales, United Kingdom

Purolite Ltd., Purolite's R&D Laboratory in Wales, United Kingdom, has received ISO 14001:2015 certification for environmental management system operations by the BSI Group, England.

Monica Dell-Acqua Joins Purolite's Technical Team as Technical Engineer in Italy

31/jan/2017 / Milan, Italy

Purolite is happy to introduce Monica Dell’Acqua, our new Technical Service Engineer in Europe. Monica has a Ph.D. in Drug Chemistry, has specialized knowledge in patents and industrial property management, and is very knowledgeable of Purolite products for all industries, including pharmaceuticals.

Mark Price Joins Purolite as Corporate QA and Regulatory Affairs Manager

27/jan/2017 / Llantrisant, South Wales

Highly knowledgeable in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, we are proud to announce that Mark has joined our team!

Innovative In-Home Water Treatment

12/dez/2016 / Hangzhou, Zhejiang, PRC

Xiaomi Global has developed an innovative water treatment pitcher for in-home use that incorporates Purolite resins. Unlike typical filtration pitchers that use a single resin to treat water, the Viomi filtering pitcher uses three different resins to remove hardness scale, heavy metals and prevent bacterial growth.

Strem and Purolite Sign Distribution Agreement for Chelating Resins, Enzyme Carrier Resins and Immobilized Enzymes

5/dez/2016 / Llantrisant, South Wales, UK

Strem Chemicals, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for research and development, and Purolite, a manufacturer of ion exchange resins, are proud to announce the signing of a distribution agreement.

Purolite Upgrades Chinese Research and Development Laboratory

15/nov/2016 / Huzhou City, China

Purolite strengthens global R&D capabilities by upgrading its facilities in Huzhou City, China.

Purolite Launches New Website

28/out/2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite unveils a new look for the Web site that combines technical product and application information with fresh messaging, images and content.

Purolite Mourns the Loss of One of our Finest

18/out/2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite is grieving the loss of a long-time employee, friend, and mentor. Bill Fries, retired Technical Manager for Purolite, USA, has passed away. Bill was a pioneer in the ion exchange industry and a brilliant scientist. Bill worked for Purolite for 22 years, and even after retirement, stayed active with our company.

Fred Ghanem Hired as North American Business Manager – Purolite Life Sciences

3/out/2016 / Wales, UK

Purolite Life Sciences is pleased to announced that Mr. Fred Ghanem has accepted a role at Purolite within our North American Business Manager. He will cover the United States and Canada.

Purolite's Office in Mexico has a New Location and Address

28/ago/2016 / Tlalnepantla, Mexico

Purolite S de R.L.deCV in Mexico has moved from Naucalpan de Juárez to a larger, modern facility in Tlalnepantla, Mexico.

Purolite Introduces Purofine® PFA694E for Removing PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water

23/ago/2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA

Purolite PFA694E is made to reduce levels of short- and long-chain PFAS contamination to non-detect levels in municipal drinking water systems.

Bill Jandrlich Joins Purolite's Sales Team

22/ago/2016 / USA

Purolite is excited to welcome Bill Jandrlich to the Sales Team as Southeast Sales Representative. He will cover the states of AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, OH, SC and TN.

Kacem Triki Hired as Technical Sales Engineer in Tunisia

1/ago/2016 / Tunisia

Purolite is excited to welcome Mr. Kacem Triki, to our newly established office in Tunisia, as Technical Sales Engineer.

Bob Moore Accepts Role as Purolite's New Catalyst Manager

13/jun/2016 / USA

Effective immediately, Bob Moore has taken over the role of Catalyst Manager from Wilbert Tsao, who retired this spring.

New Clean Room at our cGMP Facility in Romania

4/jun/2016 / Romania

Purolite unveils our fourth Class D clean room in Victoria, Romania.

Purolite Brazil Receives ISO9001:2008 Certification

13/mai/2016 / USA

Purolite do Brasil Ltda, located in San Paolo, SP, Brazil, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for sales and technical support administration as well as applications laboratory and warehousing services by the BSI Group, Brazil.