Sugar Grade Products

Purolite provides a comprehensive line of products for all beet sugar refining, cane sugar refining, and sugar decolorization applications along with unique products for new challenges.

  • Beet molasses desugarization chromatographic separation
  • Cane syrup decolorization for high and low colored syrups
  • Beet thin juice softening
  • Sugar decolorization
  • Cane syrup deashing with mixed beds, two bed or powdered resin
  • Beet thick juice and molasses extract decolorization
  • Inversion with resin or immobilized invertase
  • Betaine separation resin
  • Taste, color and odor removal adsorbents
  • Raw sugar to bottler’s grade syrup refining solutions

Sweetener Grade Products

Purolite offers a full line of high performance resins for all corn, wheat and cellulose hydrolysate separations and refining operations along with purification of organic acids.

  • Sweetener demineralization using standard or high capacity products
  • Dextrose, fructose, maltose and polyol enrichment chromatographic separation resins
  • Organic acid chromatographic separation and demineralization
  • Xylose enrichment separation
  • Sweetener mixed bed polishing
  • Sweetener color, taste and odor adsorbents
  • Immobilized enzyme carriers

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