Plasma Fractionation

Proteins fractionated from human plasma are an essential class of therapeutics, often the only available option, in the prevention, management, and treatment of life-threatening conditions, resulting from trauma, congenital deficiencies, immunologic disorders, or infections. Modern plasma product production technology is based either on ethanol precipitation or IEX/affinity chromatography. The chromatographic method allows the recovery of most coagulation factors, protease inhibitors and anticoagulants.

Our Chromalite™ M resins are ideal resins for plasma fractionation. These resins are porous, hydrophilic, protein-friendly and designed for chromatographic large-scale application. They are manufactured to high degree of purity and very low levels of leachable, in full compliance with Resap (2004)3 and FDA, and manufactured in ISO-accredited, FDA-inspected facilities. For technical sales support, and to ensure optimal product selection contact a Purolite specialist today.

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