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CBD Purification - Reverse Phase Chromatography Resins

New to the CBD industry or scaling-up production?

Purolite's resin technology can maximize your yield with reverse phase chromatography to separate CBD in high purity from the cannabis extract. Purolite's Chromalite® can help to ensure compliance with industry regulations while increasing profits.

As a low-temperature alternative to distillation, chromatography can help you better manage the final quality and characteristics of your natural cannabinoid blend. Our pharmaceutical-grade resins are the perfect solution to achieving consistency for your CBD extract with less than 0.3% THC. And compared to C18 silica-based alternatives, Chromalite resins' high performance provides cost-efficiencies over time.

Still not convinced? Test for Yourself

Pre-Packed 200 mL Columns - Order today

  • Ideal for rapid lab-scale testing and feasibility studies

  • Construction Material  - Polypropylene

  • Media Volume - 200 mL

  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 1.3 MPa (200 psi)

  • Recommended Flow Rate - 60 mL/min (max 150 mL/min)

Additional applications for CBD manufacturing:

Product Performance

Low Porosity - High purity. Great for CBD isolate or individual cannabinoid isolation 

Medium Porosity - Good blend of yield and purity

High Porosity - High yield.  Great for full spectrum CBD

* 75 micron mean diameter, used to prepare chromatography operation 
** 150 micron mean diameter, used in industrial scale, i.e., simulated moving bed or other continuous, high flow chromatography operation

Chromalite vs. Silica

Chromalite® resins demonstrate significantly reduced breakdown over time when compared to equivalent competitor silica resins. They are stable for a long lifetime and suitable for harsher usage conditions.

Chromalite Mechanical Stability
When compared to silica-based alternatives, Chromalite chromatographic resins offer a simple, high performance and cost-efficient method to separate THC from CBD, improving the purity of CBD extracts.

The stability and physical strength of Chromalite resins mean they require replacement less often than traditional silica chromatography media as they can be utilized in process conditions where silica is often damaged or dissolved.

Chromalite Performance By Product
Chromalite's Mechanical Stability vs. Silica

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