Medical Devices for Enteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition is the intake of nutrients, including oral ingestion of food and supplements, or the administration of nutrients via a tube into the gastrointestinal tract. However, some patients have difficulty digesting certain foods, such as fats. Lifetech enzyme carriers help these patients to avoid potentially life-threatening weight loss and improve their quality of life through better-balanced nutrition.

Enzymes such as lipases are used for hydrolysis of triglycerides in nutritional foods. This process makes the free fatty acids immediately available to patients that are not able to digest the fats themselves. Lipases are immobilized onto Purolite Lifetech enzyme carriers and packed into single-use cartridges for use in a portable medical device a patient can operate at home.

Purolite products have a range of applications in enteral nutrition. Our Lifetech™ enzyme carriers for lipase immobilization are  suitable for enteral nutrition applications, thanks to high degree of purity and very low levels of leachable, in full compliance with Resap (2004)3 and FDA, and manufactured in ISO-accredited, FDA-inspected facilities.

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A typical application for Lifetech™ immobilized enzymes in enteral nutrition is to treat patients with pancreatic diseases who have difficulty digesting certain triglycerides. This is typically achieved by using an immobilized lipase (immobilized by ionic interaction) in a cartridge, designed for the hydrolysis of those triglycerides. The food (e.g. infant formula) is passed through the cartridge and thus the patient is able to process the food. Without this immobilized enzyme treatment these patients can experience substantial and potentially dangerous weight loss. 

These cartridges are designed to fit into a portable medicle device which patients can use at home. This method is used an alternative to tablets, which is the standard treatment.

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