Shallow Shell® Technology resins are highlighted at the International Water Conference

Francis Boodoo, Purolite's Director of Applied Technologies presented a peer-reviewed technical paper at this year's International Water Conference held in San Antonio, TX on November 6 – 9. The Paper was part of the technical session entitied, "Ion Exchange, New Wrinkles in Old Magic." The paper compared and contrasted laboratory and field study performance data of both Strong Base Anion shallow shell core resins versus standard resins. In the paper, Francis discussed how and why this technology enables lower leakage, higher capacity and savings in water and regenerant chemicals.

The paper was well received by the audience and the segment discusser. After the presentation, Francis was asked questions about theoretical vs. actual capacity, test methods and mechanical strength of the resin. 

The session contained four presentations highlighting significant advances in ion exchange technology being made today. Other presentations included the topics of rare earth metal impregnated media for anion removal, a look at a "co-removal" ion exchange process that uses both anionic and cationic resins in a single fluidized bed vessel for organics and hardness removal, and a look at an experimental continually regenerated ion exchange process using a single reactor for hardness removal.

The papers and discussions were fascinating and showed that although ion exchange is a mature technology, it can be reinvented to solve some of the most tricky problems faced by today's water treatment engineers and chemists.

This year was the 77th year for the International Water Conference, which showcases the latest advancements in water and wastewater treatment through a robust technical program, as well as an exhibitors' hall.