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Ensuring a secure supply of Protein A resins for our customers

Why Join?

Supply shortages in the industry are resulting in longer lead times for Protein A resins. For early-phase antibody therapeutics, these can be as high as 8 months.

We know that keeping your process moving is vital now, more than ever, so we have have introduced the Protein A Resin Urgent Supply Scheme, a dedicated supply platform which guarantees delivery of Protein A resin to your site within weeks, not months. 

You will receive guaranteed, immediate access to off-the-shelf, pilot-scale volumes of best-in-class Protein A resins at dedicated, fixed prices. Whether you require bulk resin or pre-packed columns, our expedited lead times will ensure your processing goals are met efficiently and on-schedule.

Member Benefits

  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • Direct drop-in replacement resins will not impact your existing process parameters
  • Fully validated and scaled-up performance data
  • Full regulatory support
  • Dedicated, one-to-one applications support from our UK-based team



Our Praesto® agarose resin manufacturing facility is one of largest of its kind in the world, and is capable of supplying one-third of all global demand for these crucial bioprocessing resins. We have pre-allocated expedited manufacturing lots at this UK-based facility specifically for biopharmaceutical developers. This means we can supply best-in-class resins at the shortest lead times of any global supplier. 

Significant investments into expansion and process improvements in recent years provides a streamlined, secure production of best-in-class Protein A resins. Our state-of-the-art plant was specifically built to address growing supply concerns within the biopharmaceutical industry, so is strategically positioned to provide global support during this time.

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