Thanks to a collaboration between SpinChem and Purolite, we offer an innovative packed solution that will allow for easier and faster screening and optimization of biocatalysis production processes.  SpinChem® magnetic rotating bed reactor (MagRBR) are designed for par­allel laboratory development and reaction screening in 5-100 mL volumes. The MagRBR is delivered pre-packed with a variety of Lifetech immobilized enzymes ECR enzyme carriers:

  • SpinChem® MagRBR M10 CalB immo Kit  (pack of 6 MagRBR)
  • SpinChem® MagRBR M10 Lipase immo Kit (pack of 6 MagRBR) 
  • SpinChem® MagRBR M10 ECRKIT1 Kit  (pack of 6 MagRBR)
  • SpinChem® MagRBR M10 ECR (pack of 6 MagRBR - available all ECR range)


Principal Applications

  • Fast screening of enzyme carriers for process development
  • Recycling of immobilized enzymes during process development


  • Short reaction time
  • Simple to scale up
  • Easy to automate
  • No filtration required


  • Can be used with any standard magnetic plate stirrer and any flat-bottomed tubes or vials of diameter >2 cm

Typical Packaging

  • Pack of 6 MagRBR

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics:

Appearance SpinChem® MagRBR
Column material Polyamide (PA)
Size H 7.3 mm x D 18 mm
Resin content 150 - 200 mg
Filter porosity 44 micron
Temperature Limits -10 °C - +50 °C
Chemical resistance Stable to alkalis, weak acids and most common organic solvents
Supplied as Dry
Total moisture 0 - 5 %
Optimal storage condition 2 - 20 °C
Expiry date (from date of manufacture) 1 year
Chemical resistance Stable to all organic solvents and chemicals