ECR Enzyme Immobilization Resins

Lifetech™ ECR enzyme immobilization resins provide physical, chemical and mechanical stability with minimal swelling in aqueous solutions or organic solvents.  The matrix can be methacrylic or styrenic, providing the optimal degree of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity depending on your specific application.

The Lifetech™ ECR enzyme carriers from Purolite Life Sciences are methacrylic or styrenic polymers with various functional groups on the matrix. They are available in standard 150 - 300 μm and 300 - 710 μm particle size ranges. For the application of immobilized enzymes in the food industry, they are also available in 300 - 1200 μm sizes.

High cross-linking ensures mechanical stability, and high functional group density allows intense multipoint covalent binding and consequently minimal enzyme leakage. Immobilization via ionic interaction/adsorption is achieved with weak or strong base resins which allows regeneration after enzyme exhaustion.

F Grade: 150 - 300 micron

M Grade: 300 - 710 micron

Industrial Grade: 300 - 1200 micron

Enzyme Immobilization Resins Products by Application