PuroPhase Brand Products

Purolite PuroPhase SPE Reverse Phase products are designed for the extraction, retention and analysis of hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules.

PuroPhase SPE Reverse Phase products include a range of 6 different Chromalite® adsorbents, which can be used for a variety of analyte extraction and cleanup needs. All adsorbents are made of robust, synthetic, scalable, reliable and reproducible polymers with different properties in terms of hydrophobicity and porosity.

All PuroPhase products are available in 1ml, 3ml and 6ml column formats.

To assist in screening and optimal product selection, we also offer a PuroPhase SPE Screening kit that contains all 6 adsorbents in 2 column formats - 1 and 3 ml.

PuroPhase™ Products by Application