The Praesto Range

Purolite Life Sciences offers an extensive range of chromatography resins on various base matrices. The Praesto range includes a selection of Protein A affinity and ion exchange chromatography resins, delivering exceptional purification of complex biologics, up to 500 kDa.

The porosity and pore structures are designed specifically for the downstream bioprocessing of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) from capture to high-resolution polishing steps.

All Praesto products provide an advanced, high-flow, highly cross-linked agarose base matrix (What is agarose?) and are available in a range of bulk or pre-packed, pre-qualified lab to process-scale columns to suit your process needs.

Praesto 'Jetted' beads vs Market-leading resin

Thinking of changing resin supplier? We have 30 years of regulatory expertise to help you do just that. We work hand in hand with our customers to provide end-to-end support for your downstream processes.

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Written by Brian Hubbard (CMC Bioprocess Consulting LLC) & Duncan Low (Claymore Biopharm LLC)

Praesto® Products by Application