Innovative Viomi Water Pitcher Uses Purolite Resins to Remove Contaminants and Control Bacterial Growth

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China — December 12, 2016 — Xiaomi Global has contracted with Purolite to supply resins for their innovative water treatment pitcher for in-home use. Unlike typical filtration pitchers that use a single resin to treat water, the Viomi filtering pitcher features three different Purolite resins plus a UV light to remove 99.99% of hardness, heavy metals and chlorine contaminants from drinking water. 

The ion exchange resins chosen are not only highly effective, but are also sodium free and will not have any impact on blood pressure.

Known as the Viomi Germicidal 1L Water Filter Kettle, the pitcher is made of high-impact plastic and enables water to flow freely through a multi-layer filter cartridge and then get exposed to an ultraviolet light for additional disinfection treatment. All components of the kettle, including the resin, are compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Union food contact regulations.

"Purolite in China is excited about working with Viomi on this new water filtration pitcher," notes Alan Joynes, Vice President for Purolite in Asia. "The product is very innovative, using a special mix of non-sodium ion exchange resins with other medias and a UV light, so that all people have access to a very affordable and effective technology that produces excellent quality, safe drinking water.” 

The resins contained in the pitcher serve a dual purpose of contaminant removal and the prevention of bacterial growth in the filter. Each filter is designed to treat water for a full 6 weeks.