Purolite launches PuroMill™ polymeric media for high-energy milling applications

Enables the preparation of scalable, contaminant-free nanoparticles
in formulation development

May 16, 2017 – Bala Cynwyd, PA – Purolite, a leading manufacturer of advanced resin technologies for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Industrial sectors, announced that PuroMill™ polymeric milling media is available for sale globally. In high-energy milling applications, PuroMill™ reduces the particle size of pharmaceutical and chemical compounds to nano scale (< 100 nm) to enhance physical and chemical properties. The media is a monodisperse distribution that ensures reproducible milling with uniform stress intensities and minimal heat generation.

PuroMill™ polymeric milling media technology is available in two purity levels:

  • PuroMill™ Pharmaceutical for ultra-high purity pharmaceutical and biotech applications
  • PuroMill™ Industrial for material development applications requiring high purity
In drug formulation development, PuroMill™ Pharmaceutical enables improvements in solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble small molecules, as well as enables efficient isolation of macromolecules through biological cell disruption. The excellent wear resistance, purity and milling efficiency of the media enables nanoparticles to be created with previously unattainable levels of product quality and purity.

In industrial applications, PuroMill™ Industrial increases surface area and improves the characteristics of industrial materials such as coatings, dispersions, emulsions, and nano additives—particularly for inkjet products, pigments, functional ceramics, plastics and metals. The media is exceptionally clean, making comminution processes more efficient and effective as contamination by attrition is largely eliminated.

“The needs of formulation and innovation teams are extremely complex,” notes Jacob Brodie, Vice President at Purolite. “PuroMill™ milling technology provides an advanced solution for creating very clean particles using existing milling technologies. The benefits to product development include purity, reproducibility, less wear to equipment, elimination of hydrothermal degradation, and a more reliable and stable final product.”

PuroMill™ Pharmaceutical is produced in a cGMP certified, FDA inspected facility and a Drug Master File registration with the FDA is pending. PuroMill™ Industrial is produced in a facility governed by strict ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Contact Information
Jacob Brodie
Vice President
T +1.800.343.1500