Purolite launches the Puromet™ brand for products targeting the removal, recovery and sequestration of metals

June 12, 2017 – Bala Cynwyd, PA – Purolite announced today that it has launched the Puromet™ brand to identify and differentiate products specifically designed for metal removal, recovery and sequestration processes. The single brand unifies all product types for these applications, making them easier to identify within Purolite’s overall portfolio and more readily accessible on the Web site.
Products for these applications include chelating resins, strong acid cation, strong base anion and weak base anion resins.
Along with the new brand name, all product names within the brand were also changed. Products used for metals removal, recovery or sequestration will now begin with the prefix MT, for metals, followed by an A, C or S (Anion, Cation, Sequestering). This is followed by a four-digit number and then a form or grading designation, when applicable.
Customers who purchase these products from Purolite can call their local Purolite technical sales office for questions regarding new product names and to place orders.

Puromet™ products can found on the following Purolite.com pages:
Metals Plating Industry
Chelation Resins
Metals Removal and Recovery