Dave Concepcion is Purolite's Employee of the Month of April!

April 10, 2019 – G-Street, Philadelphia – Purolite is excited to announce that Dave Concepcion, Maintenance Supervisor and Coordinator at the G-Street Plant in Philadelphia, is April’s Employee of the Month! Dave supervises the maintenance group, allocates work orders, and handles maintenance and repairs at the Plant, including acquiring parts, installing vessels, machinery repairs, and other installations.

Dave was nominated by Jacob Brodie, Vice President of U.S. Sales, who described Dave as an employee who, “showed exemplary leadership, spirit and support by spearheading a team to move forward with the factory organization and clean-up project. His support of the warehouse project was instrumental in initiating cultural change in the factory. We are appreciative of his efforts.”

Dave has been with Purolite for nearly 29 years. His first position here at Purolite was 1st Operator, until he switched to the Copolymer Department. Throughout his time as 1st Operator and working in the Copolymer Department, he gained a basic understanding of maintenance and repairs by observing the contractors repairing machinery. He left for a short time after a back injury, and then returned to work in the maintenance department. His responsibilities included managing parts, overseeing installations and handling repairs. He became mechanic helper, and soon after moved to the position of Maintenance Supervisor and Coordinator.

When asked what he is proud of, Dave responds with, “I am proud of how quickly I was able to learn about the manufacturing equipment. I am also proud of being responsible for keeping a manufacturing plant running smoothly 24/7, and having been able to handle all of the projects and challenges thrown at me. Outside of work, I am happy to have an amazing family to spend time with.”

Dave enjoys working at Purolite because of the team he works with. He attributes much of his success to accomplishing tasks and keeping the plant running problem-free to the company and to teamwork with fellow workers who are never shy about helping out. His favorite projects to work on are the production vessel installations that take place during the summer shutdowns.

One project Dave lead that stood out was a summer initiative to help clean and organize the shipping department that was struggling with an excess of out-of-date resin. Dave organized a group of employees from the maintenance and production departments who worked many hours to help properly dispose of the resins. “When I was asked to help another department, I was more than willing! In the end, we’re all on the same team,” Dave explained. The project was estimated to take two weeks minimum, but with the overwhelming support Dave gathered, the project was complete within 10 days.

Dave was nominated for Employee of the Month because of his reliability, trustworthiness, loyalty, and responsibility; as well as his significant contributions to the operations of the Philadelphia production plant. His co-workers see him to be a valuable member of the team at G-street.

“I have worked with Dave for 15 years. He is a seamless cooperator, reliable, and trustworthy. I don’t need to micromanage him, or worry if he will follow through on a project. He is honest, and delivers news promptly, and accurately. Dave receives a high work load from me, and is always able to keep up with it. He is a treasure to the department, it is rare to find someone with his work ethic. He understands his role here, and sees the bigger picture. We are a business, and Dave understands what is good for the business is good for all of us. I enjoy working with Dave because I know that he will manage what needs to be done, and that I won’t be receiving maintenance calls! Congratulations Dave,” commends Sal Briscella, Operations Manager.

“Dave’s leadership is a good example of the cultural change we are trying to make in the plant. I am happy to work with him, and would like to wish him a congratulation on this award,” praises Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director.

Dave emphasizes that he wants to continue to put as much effort as he can into his responsibilities at the plant. He continues to manage maintenance and repairs, and is also working on installing equipment vending machines to help provide easier access to and monitor replacements of safety equipment, which is estimated to save 30% of parts annually.

“I am beyond happy to have reached this point in my career through hard work. I am grateful to have been chosen to help out this organization, and it feels good to be recognized for my contributions. I look forward to seeing the new projects and challenges for my team and I to handle, and the accomplishments we achieve,” Dave concludes.

Purolite would like to wish a congratulation to Dave Concepcion! His leadership and hard work is a great example of a valuable team member.

Contact Information:
Dave Concepcion
Maintenance Supervisor
Philadelphia, PA
T +1 (610) 668-9090 ext. 248
F +1 (215) 425-9116