Purolite is excited to welcome Martin Ghosh to the Team in Victoria, Romania

September 12, 2019 – Victoria, Romania – Purolite is happy to welcome the new Administrator and General Manager of our production plant in Romania, Martin Ghosh. At the plant, Martin will be responsible for developing the team, interacting with external stakeholders, leading systematic approaches to serving customer requirements, and the overall safe and smooth operation of the plant. Martin comes to Purolite with a background in Chemical engineering, environmental health and safety, and plant management. In this position, he will report to Satish Bapat, Global Operations Manager.

Martin found Purolite through a search agent. Martin searches for honesty, transparency, customer centricity, and respect for people when looking at a company’s values. “I’d always wanted to be an engineer for as long as I can remember. Upon completion of my chemical engineering education, I began work in the industry in Germany. The colleagues I worked with and the company I worked for ignited a passion for a career in manufacturing that continue today,” Martin shared about why he came to Purolite.

Martin studied Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Madras, and considers manufacturing to be his focus. He is passionate about global manufacturing, health, safety, and environmental safety. He wants to demonstrate skills and competencies in organizational planning, management, communication, leadership, and problem solving at the plant in Victoria. Martin is multilingual, and can speak German, Hindi, Konkani, a bit of French, and Portuguese, in addition to English.

When asked to describe himself in four words, Martin sees himself as tenacious, empathetic, optimistic, and organized. He was previously employed with Syngenta, an agricultural business in Basel, and other chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well.

Martin comes to Purolite from Basel, Switzerland, is married,  and has a son, and a daughter. When not working, he enjoys playing tennis, visiting art museums, and travelling. His favorite place he has ever travelled was the temples and pyramids in Egypt. His favorite animal is a dog, “because,” he jokes, “it offers more companionship than a cat.”

On joining Purolite, Martin adds, “I have a strong background in chemical manufacturing, and I look forward to working together with the team at Victoria to build a culture that cares for people and the planet and drives continuous improvement in business performance.

Contact Information
Martin Ghosh
Administrator and General Manager Operations
Victoria, Romania
T: 00 40 268 243004 to 243010
M: 00 40 740 040799
F: 00 40 268 243002 to 243003