Kevin Fast Joins the G-street Team

June 10th, 2019 –Philadelphia, PA, USA – Purolite is excited to welcome Kevin Fast to The G-street Production Team. With vast experience in Industrial Warehouse Management, Kevin joins the team as Warehouse and Materials Manager. In this position he will report to Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director.

Kevin found Purolite through a recruiting agency. Although he expected to have to wait a while for a response, he was pleasantly surprised when the plant’s directors recognized his eligibility for the position, and he received a call back the same day. When considering a new position, Kevin mentions looking at the environment of the workplace. “I want to see that the company’s management has a basic understanding that their employees are people…and it was really refreshing to see how Purolite treats their employees; the level of willingness to be flexible and reasonable is not common,” Kevin explains. “Another big component for me is worker initiative and attitude. I want to work with employees who see the bigger picture, and are willing to go above and beyond their responsibilities to improve the company – or a process – as a whole.” Some of Kevin’s other priorities include a high focus on safety, and an intimate workspace.

Kevin has spent most of his career in distribution and manufacturing facilities. He worked with Actega Kelstar Inc. gaining an understanding of chemical manufacturing, as well as with Bombardier Inc., a train manufacturer. He is a certified forklift trainer, and was also certified in the past as an overhead crane rig trainer, ladder trainer, and MHS lift trainer. He can understand Spanish, although he cannot speak it fluently. He is competent with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, as well as numerous warehouse management systems. Having attended Pratt Institute located in Brooklyn New York to study industrial design, one of his special talents is maximizing space.

“I worked from the bottom up in the warehouse management industry, which makes me sensitive to the work/life balance of my employees.” Kevin shares, “I understand that we all have needs and wants, and as a manager I try to do my best to respect employee schedules and be flexible. On the other side of that, I expect my employees to be accountable for their actions. I manage by walking around and observing, and am striving to create a mindset here at the plant of willingness to admit a mishap. I would be enthusiastic about helping an employee who – for example – accidentally ripped open a bag of resin; assuming he came to me and let me know about it.” Some of the traits Kevin values most are being personal, relatable, empathetic, and treating others like family. He is motivated by success, and loves improving a process, increasing safety awareness, and training employees.

Kevin comes to Purolite from Sicklerville, New Jersey, although he is adamant about being a native New Yorker. He lives in Sicklerville with his son and daughter as well as two cats named Tatiana and Sienna. His favorite activities to do in Sicklerville are cooking, going out to eat, attending the movies, building, and fixing things. While not at work, he enjoys 3D sculpting. Kevin’s largest hobby, however, is movie collecting. Kevin’s DVD collection includes over 900 different films, and he enjoys lending them out to his friends and then discussing the film after they’ve watched it. His favorite films include Forbidden Planet and I Remember Mama.

On his new position, Kevin shares “I am excited to be a contributor at the Purolite G-street plant, and hope my capability to do so is noticed.”

Welcome to the team Kevin, we are excited to have you!

Contact Information:
Kevin Fast
Warehouse and Materials Manager
Philadelphia, PA
T+ 1(610) 668-9090 Ext. 245 or 224
M+ 1(267)443-8720

Kevin Fast Headshot