Congratulations to Gabriel Milea, Purolite's Employee of the Month, February 2020!

February 15, 2020 – Victoria, Romana – Purolite is proud to congratulate February’s Employee of the Month, Milea Gabriel, Instrumentation Technician within the company’s Electro-AMA department. Gabriel was nominated by Durla Mirea, Electro-AMA Supervisor, who noticed the effort he put into the transition in the AMA facility to new technology.

Gabriel has been with Purolite for 5 years, but has 30 years of knowledge in the field of automations, instrument equipment, PLC and DCS automations, and programming of instruments. He enjoys his involvement in the automation projects because it gives him an oppurtuntiy to share this accumulated knowledge with colleagues. With Purolite, he continues to learn about the latest technologies in the field of automation.

“I am proud of the achievments I have made in this field,” he explains. Outside of Purolite, he is proud of his family and enjoys spending time with them. When not working, Gabriel relaxes to 90’s music, or nworks on in-home projects.

“I can’t pick a favorite project,” shares Gabriel, “I enjoy all of them.”

In his nomination, Durla mentioned Gabriel’s involvement in the AMA facility’s transition. When asked about this project, Gabriel expands, “I helped in extracing information from the PLC program, and expanding this into new information for the upgraded DCS system, and installed the hardware part of the DCS equipment.” Gabriel was in charge of building circuits, wire connections, looping circuits, and all other hardware installation, speeding up the project timeline to only a few months.

“I had to adapt and modify the new electric circuits to the DCS system, change barriers, and modiy some settings to the instrumentation equipment in order to make them compatible to the DCS system.”

“I have known Gabriel for a long time...we made a great team while working together at a previous company. I was happy to have the chance to work with him again here at Purolite,” shares Durla. “Gabriel is a modest person, dedicated to his work. I notice he enjoys what he is doing and each time he has a project, he comes up with new ideas and proposals. He is fully aware of his duties and does not wait to be reminded or pushed from behind to accomplish them.”

“The curiousity and day-to-day challenges brought me to where I am today. I also would like to extend a thank you to my colleagues who helped and supported me,” Gabriel concludes.

Congratulations, Gabriel! We are happy to see your efforts on this project. You are truly a valuable member of the Purolite team.