Emma Izzo Joins Purolite USA

May 28, 2019 — Philadelphia, Pa, USA — Purolite is excited to introduce Emma Izzo, the newest member of the Marketing team! Emma comes to Purolite from University of Pennsylvania, and will focus on Web content as Marketing Intern. Her specific projects will be related to re-wording and re-writing technical brochures and packets to create new pages on www.purolite.com. In her new position, she will report to Jeffrey Frain, Global Marketing Director.

Emma studies Systems Engineering at Penn University, located in Philadelphia PA. Her coursework is heavy on computer science, math, and engineering. “I appreciate how the STEM focused courses I am taking make it a lot easier to interpret the information I will be rewording from Purolite’s technical brochures.”

Emma has a strong background in creative writing, and hopes to use this internship as an opportunity to blend her creative writing skills into her technical and engineering background. She speaks French, and is working on learning Arabic as well. She was initially connected with Purolite through Jeffrey Frain. “I’ve known Jeffrey and his family for a long time. He reached out and asked if I would be willing to help with a summer project, because I had the skills and background. Purolite looked like a fun place to work, and I was excited to re-visit my creative writing. I was looking for an internship in an office environment where I could use my technical skills and my writing skills, and Purolite seemed the perfect match.” Emma explains.

Although she has never worked in an office before, Emma worked at Princeton University in New Jersey. There, she assisted a professor in cancer research, helping to assemble and use the equipment. She shared her excitement for an opportunity to work in an office environment. Emma would like to use this internship to gain experience in the formal interactions and processes of the corporate world. She wants to work on her people skills, and understand components of businesses such as scheduling meetings, communicating with local and international teams, and formalizing procedures.

“My co-workers will definitely appreciate my bubbly, cheerful attitude. I love meeting people, and am excited for the chance to meet everyone here at Bala.” Emma communicates. So far, she has stated that she enjoys all of the good energy and kind people at the Bala Cynwyd headquarters.

Emma’s plans after graduation are to join the U.S. Marine Corp, progress in sports (she does mixed martial arts) and to work in a technical environment. She mentions being motivated by her goals to be of service to the country, and by other people—she loves networking. Outside of work, her hobbies include reading, MMA, horseback riding, and fostering kittens. She lives on the Penn Campus in University City, PA, and enjoys exploring the campus and going out with friends. Emma has a pet horse, and 5 pet kittens, two of which live with her at Penn.

On her new position, Emma would like everyone to know, “Im so excited to be working with new people here at Purolite! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it has made adapting to life at my first office job very easy.”

Welcome to Purolite Emma, glad to have you here!

Contact Information
Emma Izzo
Marketing Intern
Philadelphia, PA
T +1 (610) 668-9090 ext. 378