COVID-19 Update: Purolite Corporation is 100% Operational

February 24, 2021

It has been an unprecedented time in our history that has challenged our families, communities, and businesses. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Purolite has been actively exploring ways to help, with our science and technology, alongside protecting our employees' health and well-being and managing our global supply chains to support our customers who depend on our products.

Together, we are essential players in maintaining the critical infrastructure of industries such as power, pharmaceutical, and water. With that in mind, we have quickly and efficiently implemented all safety measures as recommended by the list of agencies below, to ensure that we provide safe deliveries to our customers as well as safe working environments in our offices, research and development facilities and factories around the world.

Each day our salesforce is actively engaged with customers and Purolite team members by utilizing various telecommunications platforms while staying virtual and safe. The digital nature of our newly launched ion exchange resin system simulation program, PRSM, has been fundamental in virtually supporting those with new and existing plant configurations. Our platform performs detailed calculations to optimize plant performance and can offer real-time support.

We have modified our approach while staying committed to serving industry needs across the globe as the leading chemical manufacturer of ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent, and specialty high-performance resins.

At Purolite, we are staying strong, positive and committed to our communities.