Brendan Frain joins Purolite Marketing Team

May 20, 2019 — Philadelphia, PA, USA — Purolite is proud to welcome Brendan Frain, Marketing Intern, to the Marketing team. Brendan comes to Purolite from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, and will focus on content creation and development for the Purolite website. In this new position, he will report to Jeffrey Frain, Global Marketing Director.

Brendan was connected with Purolite through Jeffrey, “he spoke so highly of Purolite, and it sounded like a great place to work,” Brendan shares about why he chose Purolite. Brendan has never worked in an office environment before, and shared that he hopes to use this experience to gain insight into business dynamics and the corporate world. He prefers the smaller, quieter office environment here because it gives him an opportunity to meet his co-workers.

“In the couple weeks I have spent here, I have really enjoyed the freedom I’ve been given to make decisions about the site. I feel responsible for ensuring that the content I create is meaningful work and beneficial to Purolite.” Brendan speaks about his experience so far.

He mentions that his fellow co-workers will appreciate his sense of responsibility, and how dependable he is. Some of his strengths include being able to quickly gather and analyze information, creative writing, and his open-mindedness. Brendan shares that he is motivated by providing good quality work to others; “I would never want to turn in a piece of work or a project that I wasn’t satisfied with.”

Outside of work, Brendan enjoys Basketball and video games (specifically Fortnite). He comes to Purolite from central New Jersey, where he enjoys seeing friends, swimming, and playing sports. He has a pet dog named Bailey, who is a Cavapoo (a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cavalier king Charles Spaniel.) On the weekends, he is an umpire for a local baseball league. His favorite food is sushi, although he shares that he enjoys a wide range of foods, and sampling restaurants.

Brendan is a student at Bucknell University, and studies economics there. “One class I took that has proved to be strangely helpful was a history class called Podcasts and Museums. We focused on reading the labels on artifacts and documents, which helped me learn the skills I need to create website content based on Purolite’s technical brochures.” Brendan explains. He hopes that his time at Purolite will be an introduction to the corporate environment, which he plans to join post-graduation.

On his new position here, Brendan would like his fellow employees to know, “I look forward to meeting everyone at the Bala Cynwyd, PA Headquarters, and hopefully some people from some of our other locations as well. I am ready to put my best effort into further developing the content that goes into creating the Purolite website.”

Welcome to the Team Brendan!

Contact Information
Brendan Frain
Marketing Intern
Philadelphia, PA
T +1 (610) 668-9090 ext. 378