Styrenic/DVB Chromatography Resins

Chromalite® synthetic chromatography resins are versatile bulk-processing media designed for analytical, preparative and industrial chromatography applications.
With a rigid backbone structure, Chromalite resins ensure excellent pressure and flow characteristics, and stability over a 1-14 pH range. Particle sizes vary from analytical HPLC grade (5 µm) to sizes suitable for large-scale chromatography (150-300 µm).

Where pH stability, pressure stability and chemical stability are required, Chromalite resins are an excellent alternative to silica-based media.

They are ideal for downstream processing for the separation of organic molecules and biomolecules such as proteins, aminoacids, peptides, oligonucleotides.

As well as bulk media, we offer a full range of pre-packed cartridges and columns for:

  • Analytical HPLC
  • Preparative HPLC
  • Solid Phase Extraction

Styrene/DVB Chromatography Resins Products by Application

Biomolecule Separation

Bulk Resins for HPLC