Chromatography - Methacrylic Resins

The Chromalite® M range of chromatographic resins are hydrophilic, macroporous, methacrylic resins for large-scale applications. Based on a rigid polymeric backboned that ensures excellent pressure-flow properties, they have been designed for high performance, stability and reliability under the conditions of modern industrial bioprocesses.

Chromalite® M resins for ion exchange chromatography include both strong and weak functional groups in both anion and cation exchange processes.

Chromalite® M are designed to have intermediate hydrophilicity among the highly hydrophobic Chromalite® resins, based on styrene/divinylbenzene DVB and the highly hydrophilic Praesto® range based on agarose suitable for very large biomolecules. 

Chromalite® M resins feature:

•    A protein friendly matrix
•    High chemical stability
•    Suitability for high resolution, intermediate and capture purification
•    Optimal porosity for small, medium or large molecules
•    IEX and Epoxy functional groups for ligand coupling


Methacrylic Chromatography Resins Products by Application