If you work in the purification and separation of His-tagged proteins, then discover our IMAC resin range Chromalite MIDA®. Metal affinity chromatography resin designed to selectively capture His-tagged enzymes for biocatalytic and chromatographic processes.

About Chromalite MIDA

Chromalite MIDA is an IMAC (immobilized metal affinity chromatography) high-performance media for high-capacity purification of His-tagged enzymes for biocatalytic processes. The resins are loaded with metals that show a high affinity for His-tag proteins. The resins come loaded with the following metals:

  • Nickel
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Zinc

This new range of IDA resins provides high His-tagged enzyme selectivity and stability. Depending on the His-tag position on the protein, this enzyme would be more flexible than other immobilization techniques and can be orientated at the time of immobilization. Additionally, the resin can be regenerated after enzyme activity exhaustion.


  • Suitable for batch and column configuration

Typical Packaging

  • Presentation box

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics:

Appearance Different Colours
Functional Group Iminodiacetic with metal
Supplied as Wet
Recommended Storage 2 - 20 °C
Particle Size Range 75 - 125 µm