Resin screening KIT for affinity His-Tag immobilization and enzyme purification.

The SpectraChrom KIT includes 6 different resins, which enables you to perform rapid screening during enzyme purification or immobilization by metal affinity. This new range of IDA resins increases the potential use of a wide range of His-tagged enzymes in the manufacture of key compounds while minimizing the downstream processing cost by combining purification and immobilization in one simple step.

The kit includes 25ml of each resin:
- Chromalite MIDA/M/Ni
- Chromalite MIDA/M/Co
- Chromalite MIDA/M/Zn
- Chromalite MIDA/M/Cu
- Chromalite MIDA/M/Fe
- Chromalite MIDA/M


  • Suitable for batch and column configuration

Dostępność opakowań

  • Presentation box


Appearance White to off white beads
grupa funkcyjna Iminodiacetic with metal
Supplied as Wet
Recommended Storage 2 - 20 °C