The Chromalite® M range of chromatographic resins are hydrophilic, macroporous, methacrylic resins for large-scale applications. Based on a rigid polymeric backbone that ensures excellent pressure-flow properties, they have been designed for high performance, stability and reliability under the conditions of modern industrial bioprocesses.

Chromalite MIDA/F is a chromatography resin used in protein purification by metal affinity. Chromalite MIDA resins after loading with metals as iron, copper, cobalt, zinc and nickel they show high affinity for His-Tag proteins.


Główne zastosowania

  • Affinity chromatography
  • His-tag enzyme immobilization
  • Purification of His-Tag enzymes
  • Enzyme purification (up to 250 kDa)


  • Hydrophillic
  • High mechanical stability
  • Minimizing downstream processing cost by combining purification and immobilization in one simple step
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Available in different particle size to support from laboratory to plant scale
  • Can be packed in industrial columns and no pressure issues

Zgodność z regulacjami

  • TSE/BSE/GMO free
  • Council of Europe Resolution ResAP (2004)6


Appearance White to Off-white Spherical Beads
Particle size range (micron) 40 - 90 µm
Uniformity coefficient (UC)1 1.6
Mean Diameter 60 - 70
Supplied as 20% EtOH Slurry
Recommended Storage 2 - 20 °C
pH limit stability 1 - 14
Expiry date (from date of manufacture) 1 year