Praesto AP is an agarose-based Protein A resin designed on a novel, high-flow matrix. It addresses today's clinical trial material demands for high productivity, together with cost effective MAb capture, and is purpose-designed and evaluated for the production of late-phase clinical trial material, PIII and commercial manufacture, where typically hundreds of reuse cycles are performed.

Click here for a scientific paper, benchmarking our Praesto AP Protein A resin, against others on the market. Performed by an independent third party and published by the Journal of Chromatography A.

Principali applicazioni

  • Purificazione delle proteine
  • Purificazione dei Mabs


  • High productivity
  • Alkaline stable
  • Ultra-high dynamic binding capacity
  • Enhanced pressure/flow performance
  • Low protein A leaching
  • Secure, validated supply and regulatory support


  • Prodotto in condizioni cGMP

Imballi tipici

  • Bulk Resin
  • Production-Scale OPUS® Columns
  • OPUS® Robocolumns®
  • OPUS® MiniChrom Columns
  • HT Columns

Caratteristiche chimiche e fisiche tipiche:

Struttura del polimero Highly cross linked agarose
Aspetto Spherical beads
Gruppo funzionale Protein A
Distribuzione granulometrica - µm 85 µm
Capacità di legame dinamico (min.) - tempo di residenza 3 minuti 35 hlgG ml
Pressione/flusso (min.) - a 3 bar in una colonna di 2.6 x 20 cm (impaccata a pressione a 4 bar) 500 cm/h
Stabilità del pH, CIP (a breve termine) 2 - 12
pH di stabilità, range operativo 3 - 10
Conservazione/Stoccaggio consigliato 2 - 8 °C
Conservazione/Stoccaggio consigliato 20% ethanol