Praesto AC is a Protein A resin designed for high productivity, cost-effective MAb capture. It combines good capacity, excellent pressure/flow performance and NaOH CIP stability for up to 20 cycles, meeting common requirements for production PI and PII clinical trial materials. Praesto AC can also be used in small scale MAb purification, purification of MAbs for diagnostics, in process development and in pre-clinical processes.

Click here for a scientific paper, benchmarking our Praesto AP Protein A resin, against others on the market. Performed by an independent third party and published by the Journal of Chromatography A.

Principali applicazioni

  • Purificazione delle proteine
  • Purificazione dei Mabs


  • High productivity
  • High dynamic binding capacity
  • Enhanced pressure/flow performance
  • NaOH CIP stability for up to 20 cycles
  • Secure, validated supply and regulatory support


  • Prodotto in condizioni cGMP

Imballi tipici

  • Bulk Resin
  • Production-Scale OPUS® Columns
  • OPUS® Robocolumns®
  • OPUS® MiniChrom Columns
  • HT Columns

Caratteristiche chimiche e fisiche tipiche:

Struttura del polimero Highly cross linked agarose
Aspetto Spherical beads
Gruppo funzionale Protein A
Distribuzione granulometrica - µm 85 µm
Capacità di legame dinamico (min.) - tempo di residenza 3 minuti 25 hlgG ml
Pressione/flusso (min.) - a 3 bar in una colonna di 2.6 x 20 cm (impaccata a pressione a 4 bar) 500 cm/h
Stabilità del pH, CIP (a breve termine) 2 - 12
pH di stabilità, range operativo 3 - 10
Conservazione/Stoccaggio consigliato 2 - 8 °C
Conservazione/Stoccaggio consigliato 20% ethanol