Praesto APc is a Protein A resin designed on a novel high flow agarose backbone which addresses today s early-phase clinical trial challenges for high productivity togetherwith cost effective MAb capture. It is purpose-designed and evaluated for phase I and II clinical trials, where typically less than 20 reuse cycles are performed. Alternatively Praesto APc can be implemented across all phases due to long life time. Before PIII, for innovator therapies, Purolite Life Sciences recommends you then switch from Praesto APc to Praesto AP since they both utilize the same Protein A ligand species.


Principal Applications

  • Protein purification
  • MAb Purification


  • Improved productivity
  • High capacity
  • Excellent pressure/flow performance
  • Ideal for molecules that tend to participate at high concentrations
  • Low prA leaching via multi-point attachment.
  • Secure, validated supply and regulatory support

Regulatory Approvals

  • Manufactured under cGMP conditions

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics:

Polymer Structure Highly cross linked agarose
Appearance Spherical beads
Functional Group Protein A
Particle Size - µm 85 µm
Dynamic Binding Capacity (min.)- 3 minutes residence time 35 hlgG/ml
Pressure/flow (min.) - at 3 bar in a 2.6 x 20 cm column (pressure-packed at 4 bar) 500 cm/h
pH stability, CIP (short term) 2 - 12
pH stability, working range 3 - 10
Recommended Storage 2 - 8 °C
Recommended Storage 20% ethanol