Chromalite GN products are uniform nonporous polystyrene beads of variable DVB crosslinking. Chromalite GN products have a particle size range from 3 to 150 micron and are produced using the seeding technique. Initially small seeds are produced which are subsequently grown through repeated additional polymerization until the required particle size is achieved with consequent highly uniform particle size beads (UC < 1.15). Typical applications for Chromalite GN are analytical and semi-preparative chromatography (after beads functionalization) or - thanks to the high uniformity - calibration and validation of analytical equipment or sizing instruments.

As an example, 3GN6 means a 3 micron bead with 6% crosslinking in our Chromalite GN products range.

Principal Applications

  • Calibration
  • Analytical HPLC


  • High chemical stability
  • Narrow particle size range
  • Suitable for further functionalization for HPLC applications

Regulatory Approvals