Prepacked Columns

Purolite Life Sciences offers a range of pre-packed columns designed for simplified process development and streamlined separations.

Pre-packed, high-performance Praesto® and Chromalite® resins are available in various formats to suit a range of applications.

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Chromalite Synthetic Resins

Based on a rigid backbone structure, Chromalite synthetic resins assure excellent pressure and flow characteristics, and are stable over a 1-14 pH range. Particle sizes vary from analytical HPLC grade (3 µm) to large scale chromatography (150-300 µm).

Purolite Life Sciences offers a full range of:

Analytical HPLC columns
Preparative HPLC columns
Solid Phase Extractions cartridges (SPE-RP) under the brand PuroPhase

The Praesto range offers a selection of modern, high-flow Affinity and Ion Exchange agarose resins, delivering exceptional results from Protein A to high-resolution polishing steps.

Prepacked Columns Products by Application

Adsorption and Reverse Phase Chromatography

Ion Exchange Chromatography

Preparative HPLC