Improving your productivity...

​​​​​​Praesto Jetted A50 is a novel, agarose-based Protein A affinity resin with industry-leading performance characteristics, including:

  • Ultra-high dynamic binding capacity of ~ 80 g/l
  • Hit your productivity, cost or time in facility goals. 
  • Efficient resin cleaning through the latest alkaline-stabilized ligand from Repligen Corporation - NGL-ImpactTM A
  • Easy column packing with patented uniform bead technology
  • Ideal for continuous chromatography processes

It is the first Protein A resin to meet the future demands in mAb processing, and the only bioprocess-scale agarose resin available with a uniform particle size distribution. 

This is achieved by using a patented Jetting manufacturing technology - an innovative process that produces agarose beads with a uniformity coefficient of <1.3. This delivers superior performance characteristics when compared to other resins.

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Why are uniform particle sizes vital?