A next generation ligand developed by Repligen, NGL-Impact A™ is a paradigm-changing solution that, when combined with Purolite 'Jetting' technology, results in a higher performance, lower cost Protein A resin for capture chromatography.

This collaboration has resulted in Praesto
® Jetted A50, the world's first uniform-particle-size Protein A resin, with enhanced performance characteristics.


This market-leading ligand was developed through a series of steps, including wild type Protein A shuffling, screening and multimerization, giving the benefits of caustic stability and elution whilst improving process economics.

This combination results in outstanding performance attributes, with ultra-high binding capacities and excellent alkaline stability.

These attributes are important in providing improved monoclonal antibody capture to handle increased upstream product titres.


MabSelect is a trademark of GE Healthcare companies

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