Premium IEX resins for compound separation

Chromalite® CGA and CGC chromatographic ion exchange resins are polymers for small organic and inorganic compound separation and purification. Chromalite® CGA and CGC resins are spherical, uniform and highly purified chromatographic ion exchange resins for column separations, covering a range of particle sizes and applications from laboratory to plant scale. This range of polymers made of styrene crosslinked with various percentages of divinylbenzene (DVB) are produced by a proprietary manufacturing technology that creates whole, perfectly spherical beads with exceptional kinetic and packing properties for chromatographic separations.

Chromalite® CGA and CGC resins have the advantage of being supplied in a highly pure form (very low extractables content), and do not require pre-treatment. Due to their high quality, they can be used as they are for pharmaceutical applications.

Recognised as the equivalent to:

  • Dowex®* 1X and 50W resins from Dow;
  • AG® 1-X2 resin from Bio-Rad

Manufactured in three different particle sizes, with 90% of beads in the specified range, CGA and CGC resins are available in:

  • 35-75 µm (200 - 400 mesh)

  • 75-150 µm (100 - 200 mesh)

  • 150-300 µm (50 - 100 mesh)

Chromalite CGA and CGC are manufactured using 2%, 4% and 8% divinylbenzene (DVB) crosslinking to allow the selection of the best resin for a particular process with optimum levels of permeability, water retention capacity and total exchange capacity.  Additionally, bead size uniformity allows the preparation of columns with low back pressure, excellent mass transfer rate and separation profile.

For pharmaceutical peptide synthesis we also offer CGA200x8Ac in acetate form, for the final transformation of peptides.

*Dowex® is a registered Trademark of the Dow Corporation


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