Biocatalysis Resins

Enzyme Immobilization
Enzyme immobilization provides significant advantages to industrial manufacturing processes for high value molecules used in the food, pharma and chemical industries. Our range of Lifetech ECR resins for enzyme immobilization can help you with your large-scale biocatalysis applications due to their high enzyme activity, resin robustness, cost-efficiency and full regulatory support.

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Immobilized Enzymes

Ready-to-use immobilized enzymes
Immobilized enzymes are commonly used in manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical, chemical and food products due to their effectiveness in both batch and continuous processes. Our Lifetech immobilized enzymes can be supplied at high volumes (ton-scales) and utilize highly robust resins, allowing you to achieve longer resin lifetime, higher productivities and cost-efficiencies during operation.


  • Enzyme carrier resins for covalent, adsorptive or ionic immobilization
  • Ready-to-use immobilized lipases 
  • Screening kits for product selection

Biocatalysis Products by Application